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Базовый карманный словарь: англо-иврит / иврит-английский с английской транслитерацией иврита.


  • Словарь для путешествий
  • Вес: ‎ 500 гр.
  • Количество страниц: 190
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9653260049


with English trasliteration of the Hebrew words


Compiled by:
Beth Uval
Ezri Uval


הוצאת רולניק, מו"לות אחרת
Rolnik Publishers, Something Different 

@ All rights reserved by A. Rolnik, Ltd.
Printed in Israel
ISBN-10: 9653260049


Not just another dictionary, this book is distinctive in several ways:


  •  its illustrations and graphics
  •  its word list
  •  its streamlined design
  •  its transliteration of the Hebrew words


It is our confident hope that the Basic Pocket Dictionary will prove a useful tool for the new immigrant, the tourists, and the veteran Israeli.


The transliteration appears in brackets next to each word.


Transliteration Key
(vowel sounds are approximate; examples follow American pronunciation)



  • x = ch as in chutzpah (the Hebrew 'ח or 'כ)
  • g = hard g as in goat
  • a = o as in occupation
  • e = e as in bed
  • i = i as in finger
  • o = au as in authority
  • u = u as in nuclear
  • ei = a as in day
  • ai = i as in bilingual



The apostrophe ':

1) separates vowels, indicating that each is pronounced separately: e.g. ge'e גֵּאֶה (proud);
2) indicates e as in mitten: e.g. y'ladim יְלָדִים (children);
3) indicates the Hebrew 'ע: e.g. 'avoda עֲבוֹדָה (work).


 ́  indicates the accented syllable.


The Hebrew verbs appear in the third-person, masculine singular, past form, for example: יָשַׁב (sit), with the infinitive form in parentheses (לָשֶׁבֶת). The appearance of the infinitive form indicates that the word in question is a verb.

Словарь с транскрипцией Англо-Ивритский, Иврит-Английский

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